KRG Bravo Chassis

Kinetic Reserch Group [KRG] has some really nice chassis out there right now, at really decent prices none the less.

This our quick take on the KRG Bravo chassis.

The KRG Bravo is made for Tikka T3 short actions, T1x, Rem 700 LA/SA and the Howa 1500. Basicly for the most wide spread bang for buck gun platforms out there currently, and comes in three base colours : Black, Sako Green and FDE (tan)

The full lenght aluminum bedblock/backbone is super sweet, stable and CNC’d out of a single block for stability and performance. A feature we miss on many aftermarket stocks in this pricerange. And still only lands on 2.9 lbs or roughly 1.3kg.

With adjustable cheekriser (tool-less), built in barrier stop how even slim. Butthook and cover, and M-lok compatible original front end, able to fit an arca rail if thats what you are looking for AND exchangeable front/rear end all in all… KRG even makes come compatible with the Sako TRG chassis.

The stock can be lenghtened with spacers like most guns, if this had an adjustable length of pull that was tool-less like the cheekpiece, it would be even sweeter. We still gave it 40/100 on the leght of pull, since the spacers are actually included with the stock.

It runs with standard AICS mags (does not work with Magpul ones for the Tikka inlet) It has a small storage compartment in the handle for… well, we dont exectly know what to place there. Maybe some zipped in mathces and a few batteries?

The Bravo does come with extra accessories though, like buttpad height mechanism, spigot mounts and what not. The exchangeable forend on a chassis this good priced (around 350-380$ US or 480-550€ in the EU) it was does impress us mostly. We would lik to see a version or an accessorie that would let you adjust lenght of pull without a tool. (-5 points as that option is not available atm)

You can find them pretty much all around the globe, and there is plenty of videos on all platforms if you are curious to find out more about this chassis.

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